Why Do Your Potatoes Look Green? (Explained)

Potatoes turn green due to chlorophyll, which forms when exposed to light, indicating the presence of solanine, a harmful toxin. Consuming green potatoes, especially if bitter, can cause illness. To avoid this, store potatoes in a dark, cool place and remove any green spots before cooking. Have you brought potatoes home from the grocery store … Read more

Why Are Your Mashed Potatoes Gummy? (Explained)

Mashed potatoes become gummy due to over-mashing or using a food processor, which releases too much starch. Using the right type of potatoes and mashing them while hot can prevent gumminess. For best results, mash potatoes gently and immediately after cooking. Mash potatoes are on the menu for today. You have prepared them by peeling … Read more

Can You Freeze Raw Potatoes? (Answered)

You cannot freeze raw potatoes directly because they contain too much water, which makes them mushy and grainy when thawed. Blanching before freezing is necessary to preserve texture and flavor. Blanch, dry, and freeze potatoes to keep them good for later use. My vegetable garden last year produced so many potatoes, that I didn’t know … Read more

Why Are My Garden Beets So Small?

Small garden beets may result from overcrowding or insufficient sunlight. Thinning is crucial, as each beet seed cluster contains multiple seeds, and beets need ample space and at least six hours of sunlight daily to grow larger and sweeter. Beets, the new superfood. Either you love them or despise them.  A friend of mine likens … Read more

Great Reasons Why You Should Plant a Vegetable Garden

Planting a vegetable garden offers benefits like stress relief, access to fresh produce, cost savings, better health, and control over pesticides. It also allows for growing a variety of vegetables, enjoying fresher, better-tasting food, and sharing with others. Spring at my house means preparing our vegetable garden for planting. And of course, Spring this year … Read more

What Is the Difference Between a Pie Pumpkin and a Carving Pumpkin?

Pie pumpkins are smaller, with thicker, sweeter flesh and thinner skin, ideal for cooking. Carving pumpkins are larger, have a blander, stringier flesh, and are better suited for decoration. Key differences include size, flesh texture, taste, and skin thickness. October is here. And that means, yes, you guessed it!  Pumpkins! The stores have large containers … Read more

Why Use Dried Mushrooms Instead of Fresh? Here Are Five Reasons Why!

why use dried mushrooms instead of fresh

Dried mushrooms are favored for their intense flavor, extended shelf life, space-saving storage, easy rehydration process, and consistent year-round quality. These benefits make them a versatile and convenient choice in cooking. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are following a recipe that calls for mushrooms and discover that there are none to be … Read more