Mashed Potato Salad Recipe

potato salad

It’s that time of year! Family Reunions, summer picnics, and cookouts. And one of the staples? Potato salad! Some make mashed potato salad and others the classic potato salad. Have you ever went to a family reunion and found several bowls of potato salad on the table? And I bet they were most likely made … Read more

Air Fryer Fried Chicken, Great Fried Taste Without All That Grease!

Air fryer fried chicken is healthier, cleaner, and tastes downright good. And it is possible with that wonderful machine known as an air fryer.  This wonderful countertop machine circulates hot air around your food at high speed thus cooking the food and producing a crispy layer via the Maillard effect. And Viola! you get air … Read more

Easy Shepherd’s Pie

When I first made this easy shepherd’s pie, my children were small and I was not working outside the home. It was a great meal and cheap too.  The recipe consisted of 3 ingredients and the mashed potatoes were served on the side of what I called this meal  “poor man’s stew”. In recent years, … Read more