What Are The Cooking Methods For Meat And Why Are They So Important?

Many people ask “What are the cooking methods for meat”? The answer is twofold. 1. Dry and Moist heat cooking methods. 2.  But then these can be broken down into 6 subcategories: Roasting, broiling, pan-broiling, pan-frying, braising and stewing. Pretty confusing right?  But then you have the next question:  Why are these cooking methods so … Read more

What Are Subscription Boxes and Why Are They So Appealing?

  What are subscription boxes? They are boxes that contain products usually with a common theme, such as beauty boxes, pet boxes, or food boxes. These boxes are automatically delivered over a scheduled period of time. Many subscription box services keep each month’s specific box items a surprise. What makes them so appealing is that they cater to any … Read more

How To Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

With the holiday season approaching many home bakers will begin to plan their baking schedules and some will even start to stock the supplies they will need. And one important ingredient for baking is Vanilla extract. Learn how to make your own vanilla extract ensuring that you always have this ingredient on hand. Last year … Read more

Why Use A Cast Iron Skillet?

Why use a cast-iron skillet? They are durable, nonstick, have a long life span, can add iron to your food, are affordable, easy to clean.  And you get a great sear on meat. Need I go on? Cast iron skillets have been around for generations and with the correct care, they only get better with … Read more

5 Vacuum Sealers For Food To Consider

Are you tired of freezer-burned food? Do you buy your produce and meat in bulk? Or do you freeze produce from your vegetable garden? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need a home vacuum sealer for food. Home vacuum sealers are great for reducing freezer burn and increasing the freezer … Read more