Oster Extra-Large Counter Top Oven Review

Oster is a popular name in the kitchen. The brand makes blenders, juicers, toasters, kitchen tools, and of course ovens. Their products are not too expensive and try to make life easier for busy people and people who like to cook. Read on for my  Oster Extra-Large Counter top Oven review:

Description from Oster

oster extra-large counter top oven
  • Dimensions: 21.65″W x 19.29″ D x 12.91″ H, Weight: 22.48lb.
  • Cord length: 31.49″
  • Watts: 1500W
  • Digital Controls
  • Extra-Large capacity fits two large take and bake pizzas
  • Convection technology for even heating
  • Stainless Finish
  • Bake, Broil, Toast, Pizza, and Defrost
  • 90-minute timer with auto shut off
  • Easy clean interior for a quick clean up
  • Includes: 2 oven racks, durable bake pan, and integrated broil rack

The Pros

  • It’s smaller than a traditional oven. Yes, it’s called an Extra-Large Countertop Oven, but it’s still a lot smaller than a traditional oven. It measures 24 inches high, 21.5 inches deep, and 16.7 inches tall. Make sure you measure your counter before you buy! I have mine sitting on a wooden microwave stand at the end of my counter.
  • It really is extra large! It isn’t a traditional oven, but it is big! You can fit two large pizzas on the racks, and you can even fit a chicken in here. I bought mine for extra oven space for when I’m cooking a huge dinner for all my family, so it can handle a lot. If you want to cook a lot at once you might need to plan out your cooking because it’s not as big as a traditional oven.
  • It has a wide temperature range. The oven promises to run from 200°F-450°F. That’s more than enough to cook cookies, pizza, or a roast. Since it’s small all the heat gets trapped in the small space. That helps food cook faster than in a traditional oven. Since it’s a convection oven it will also cook your food evenly.
  • It’s energy-efficient. Electric traditional ovens use a lot of energy, and every time you open the door the entire kitchen heats up. Well, the Oster Extra-Large Countertop Oven promises to save 50% on energy. That makes it good for small apartments, small meals, and small budgets. Like I said before, the small size helps food cook faster so you can eat sooner and free up your schedule.
  • It’s sturdy. The oven is 22 pounds and made of stainless steel. It’s easy to clean inside and out and it’s very strong. If you have kids running around the kitchen they won’t hurt the oven if they throw something at it.
  • It’s convenient. There are five settings. Bake, Broil, Toast, Pizza, and Defrost. There is a 90-minute timer that shuts off automatically. Oster includes two oven racks, a baking pan, and a broil rack with the oven. You can remove these items when you need more room in the oven to cook or bake.
  • It’s affordable. A lot of people who cook for a smaller number of people decide to use this appliance in place of a traditional oven. Well, this oven is a lot more affordable than a traditional oven. Many traditional ovens cost thousands of dollars, but this Oster oven only costs about $100 at certain stores. That’s a lot of savings especially when you take into account that you don’t need to pay thousands for a traditional oven.
  • It has a one-year warranty. This product has a one-year warranty, so if you have a problem you can report it and get it fixed or replaced. That is important if you have any of the problems like the ones listed in the Cons section below.

The Cons

  • The buttons might stop working. The most common complaint I’ve seen other people have is the buttons stop working. They press the buttons, but nothing happens or the wrong thing happens. So far, it doesn’t seem like Oster has found a solution.
  • It might show an inaccurate temperature on the screen. Other people have reported problems with the temperature on the display not matching the thermometers they place inside the oven. Once again, Oster has apologized but hasn’t given a solution.
  • There’s no interior light. If you like the light in a traditional oven, well, you won’t find one in here. To see how your food is cooking, you either need to pull it out or shine a flashlight inside to get a better view. The front of the oven is made of glass, so you can see from the side but not the top.
  • It gets hot. The sides get hot enough to burn, so extra caution is needed when using this oven. If you bump against it you could burn yourself.

What People Are Saying

Overall people love it. Many people give it five stars so it usually averages to four stars overall. People like the convenience and how easy it is to cook and clean. Like I said, sometimes people have problems with the buttons and temperature reading. These problems seem to be rare.


Yes, I recommend this product. It’s a small machine that simplifies cooking for small families and parties. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It doesn’t cost a lot. Some people have complained about it, but it has a one-year manufacturer warranty so you can return it if you need to.

For someone who needs more room in the kitchen or wants to stop using their traditional oven, the Oster Extra-Large Countertop Oven is a perfect choice. It is a very good option for people moving into small apartments or people who cannot bend over well to reach into a traditional oven.

It is great if you need additional oven space for when baking for the holidays and large get-togethers.

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You can get the Oster Countertop Oven from Walmart, Amazon, or other online companies. Compare prices before you buy.

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